Drive For a Million

Drive For a Million

“Since its conception, community members, groups & organizations, businesses and various levels of government have gifted financial contributions to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation. To date, $955,000 of gifted dollars has been placed in the various funds within the Foundation. With the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation coming up on February 16, 2023, the Foundation has launched a campaign called Drive For A Million. The goal is to reach $1,000,000 in gifted dollars within the Foundation by the 25th Anniversary. Help the Foundation by Growing our Community. Together. Forever!”
– Reg Black, President BRCF

What is
“Gifted Dollars”?

Gifted Dollars is the total amount that has been donated to the Foundation from generous members of the community over the years. That number does not include inflation rates, investment numbers, or any dollar values from grants, scholarships, or bursaries given out. Gifted dollars is exactly what it sounds like: donations, in their purest form.

How You Can Help

Donate Online

Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with help from our friends at The Winnipeg Foundation and Endow Manitoba. Click below to get started.

Donate via Mail

Donation cheques can be sent to:
Brokenhead River Community Foundation
Box 2225
Beausejour, MB
R0E 0C0

Donate via E-Transfer

You can also open your mobile banking and send a donation to

Please include your name, phone number, mailing address and email address for a reciept.


Why One Million Dollars?

The Brokenhead River Community Foundation utilizes Endowment Funds as a means to provide the communities of Beausejour and Brokenhead a sustainable and long-term charitable organization that focuses solely on the needs of our local communities.
Our Endowment Funds are made up solely of gifted dollars. It is never spent, but instead is invested to earn revenue.

The revenue generated allows us to offer grants, bursaries and scholarships within our community as well as cover operating costs. By increasing those endowment funds, we are increasing the amount invested, which in turn increases our revenue, which then allows us to give back even more to our community!

Find Out More

Raising $45,000 in a #DriveForAMillion is no small task, and we want to make sure you feel good about your donation. Email us at or call (431)343-2723 to talk more!