Fall Granting Deadline is September 30!! See Grants page for information and application.

Smile Cookie Week Coming Soon!

From September 13 – 19, Tim Hortons Restaurant Owners will be supporting your BROKENHEAD RIVER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION here in BEAUSEJOUR. The Foundation supports many local organizations and individuals by presenting grants and scholarships and bursaries annually.

Guests who purchase a freshly baked Smile Cookie will be donating to our charity with 100% of proceeds being donated! To pre-order Tim Hortons Smile Cookies, complete this form and submit it to your nearest participating Tim Hortons Restaurant no less than 48 hours of your specified pick up date & time.


Check out this video! Our president, Reg Black, was interviewed for Shaw Spotlight.

Mallory Black and Reg Black with the Senior Activity kits

The Brokenhead River Recreation Commission, with support from the  Brokenhead River Community Foundation and the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund, assembled 150 activity kits for seniors who have been particularly affected by isolation due to Covid-19 in the Town of Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead, including Tyndall and Garson. We know these kits will provide some wonderful resources for activity and entertainment over the holidays and include holiday treats. Thank you to Brenda, Bonnie with the IERHA, the Beausejour Meditation Group and Brokenhead Outreach for Seniors for the help getting these kits together and distributed!  Also special thanks to Beausejour’s Post Office – the packages coming in for these kits were numerous and large!

Thank you to the Clipper Publishing Corp. for the printing of our activity booklets.  Thank you to Beausejour Coop, Beausejour Rexall and Beausejour Dollar Tree for helping with the large orders! Thank goodness we got things done before restrictions were put in place!

The Foundation, for the first time ever, offered Community Groups the opportunity to apply for Stabilization Grants this year. This new grant process is designed to help offset the operating costs due to lost revenues because of Covid-19. Below, Beausejour Curling Club (BCC) President Bruce Schade accepts funding from the Foundation to support the BCC.

Reg Black (president of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation) and Bruce Schade (president of the Beausejour Curling Club).

Foundation President Reg Black with The Breach Director Vanessa Kehler.  The Foundation was able to provide The Breach with funding from the Emergency Community Support Fund through the Community Foundations of Canada to support operational expenses at this community facility.

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The Emergency Community Support Fund was an initiative of the Federal Government to provide support to Communities affected by Covid-19.  Spearheaded by the Community Foundations of Canada, your Foundation was able to access funding on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this program. The Association for Community Living (ACL) was awarded support in both Phases to go towards the purchase of a laptop for residents to communicate with family and towards the purchase of a van to assist in client needs. ACL Director of Operations Ashely Seymour accepts funding from Foundation President Reg Black.

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Len Kowalke from the Brokenhead River Community Hall accepts funding from the Foundation.  The Hall was provided a Stabilization Grant to help offset ongoing expenses of the Hall.  Due to Covid-19 the Hall has no current revenues because they remain closed.  The Foundation was able to provide some relief from its annual fall granting.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

On behalf of the Board – and more importantly our Community – thank you to all those who made gifts to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation during the recent Giving Challenge. We are pleased to report that your donations over the week totalled $27,786.70!  With the additional bump up of $4,000 from The Winnipeg Foundation and the Province of Manitoba, the grand total is $31,786.70!! This is by far our best challenge yet!

The impact of this will be long lasting. These new funds raised are invested and never spent with just a portion of the interest going back into the Community annually.  The Foundation’s current spending policy is 4% so – without factoring growth of these funds – $1,271.47 goes back into the Community every year. Forever!

To learn more about your Foundation, like our Facebook page.

National Philanthropy Day

Today is National Philanthropy Day which is celebrated annually on November 15. This day signifies the importance of working together for the common good. Philanthropic deeds come in all different shapes and sizes — charitable giving, volunteering, etc. — and on National Philanthropy Day, no act of kindness goes unnoticed. 

Your Foundation has seen first hand these acts of kindness during the Giving Challenge week. Various Community stakeholders – residents (and former residents), businesses, community groups and municipal leaders – have made charitable gifts to the Foundation this week. Gifts that will last forever! To those who have made gifts to your Foundation this week – on behalf of our community – we sincerely thank you. 

The Recreation Commission started a video series called Feel Good Fridays (follow their Facebook page to see more). This week’s video showcases the Foundation where you can learn more about the Brokenhead River Community Foundation. It can be watched here:


There is still time to give towards the Giving Challenge week as it runs until midnight tonight – November 15th. Donations must be made by then to count towards the Giving Challenge. Gifts can be made online  https://www.endowmanitoba.ca/…/brokenhead-river…/ Cheques can be dropped off in the secure drop box by the rear door of Century 21 Sun Country Realty at 644 Park Ave. The Foundation also accepts e-transfers at brcf@brcfoundation.ca or you can contact Carol at 204.266.0117 for other giving options.

Any gifts are truly appreciated. You can also show your support by sharing this information or liking our Facebook page for future Community updates.

Thank you,

The Board of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation

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Day 2 of Giving Challenge week and another great donation! Foundation Director Zane Hunter accepts a cheque from Melissa Marginet and Cpl. David Ogungbemi. The donated funds are from the former local Dare program. Thank you for the $5,826.51 donation! Please consider a donation this week to support your community. https://www.endowmanitoba.ca/…/brokenhead-river…/

Also like our Facebook page to see more information or community updates.

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Wow!  What a great way to start our Giving Challenge Week!  Thanks Tim Hortons!

Since mid-March, Covid 19 has certainly presented challenges to many community groups and organizations. The normal operations and functions of these groups/organizations have dramatically changed. At top of mind for many is that normal fundraising events and activities have either been cancelled or postponed creating a large impact to any projects or good works that would normally occur in our community.

 Your Foundation is no different as the special events and fundraising initiatives we normally do have been cancelled. Usually at this time of year we would be planning for our Win a Wine Cellar event at the Legion in which you may have supported or attended or both.

 On a positive note, the Brokenhead River Community Foundation was fortunate to participate in the Community Foundations of Canada Emergency Support Fund. In September we were able to provide grants totaling $40,000 into the community to support the Association for Community Living, the Recreation Commission, the Community Kitchen, the Breach Drop in Centre and the SunGro Centre.

 Recently the Brokenhead River Community Foundation Board approved its 2021 Grants. This year, besides its normal grant application process, the Foundation offered the opportunity for community groups to apply for a Stabilization Grant. The Stabilization Grant was designed to assist those community groups who were or are dramatically affected by Covid 19. A total of 10 applications were received seeking $68,721 in assistance.

 The foundation only had $26,000 available to disburse and chose to support the Stabilization Grants this year. The Garson Arena, Beausejour Curling Club and the Brokenhead River Community Hall were approved for funding.

A second round of the Emergency Support Fund is available and the Foundation has up to $30,000 available. An announcement on the results of this program will be announced soon. The total of the three grant programs this year would be $96,000 to support local community groups and organizations!

 But the asks by the community are much larger than what we can support so there may never be a better time to help our community flourish forever!

 The Brokenhead River Community Foundation encourages residents of Beausejour and the RM of Brokenhead to make a gift during the week of Nov. 9 – 15 as part of the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge.

 For this week only, each $5 gift you make becomes $7! The Winnipeg Foundation will stretch each $5 gift made to the Unrestricted Community Fund with $1. The Manitoba government continues their commitment to Manitoba community foundations with their support of the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge 2020. The province will also contribute $1 for every $5 gift. Online gifts can be made securely through this link https://www.endowmanitoba.ca/community-foundations/brokenhead-river-community-foundation/ . But remember – please make a gift between November 9-15!

 “This is a great opportunity to support your community Foundation,” says Reg Black, President, Brokenhead River Community Foundation. “Of course, we welcome gifts at any time, but giving between Nov. 9 – 15 means extra support. We’re so excited to see what our community can accomplish!”

 Gifts made between November 9 – 15 will help grow the Foundation’s capacity to support a wide range of charitable projects in the Beausejour/Brokenhead area for generations to come. Donations to a community foundation are pooled and permanently invested. The gifted donations are never spent and the money will always stay in the community. Every year, these investments generate money that is distributed to support local charitable needs.

 Community foundations provide support that lasts forever. Manitoba is home to 56 community foundations – more than any other area of the country. Every year, these foundations invest millions of dollars into a wide range of local charitable projects. They help ensure our hometowns are vibrant and thriving.

 Besides the online donation option, donors can mail donations made payable to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation and mailed to Box 2225, Beausejour, R0E0C0. All donations must be dated between November 9th to 15th and received no later than the 15th. Donations can also be dropped off that week at Century 21 Sun Country Realty. E-transfers can be sent to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation at brcf@brcfoundation.ca or contact us for more giving options.

 Important Information

On behalf of the Board of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation (BRCF), we would like to inform all community groups and organizations of some important information.  The BRCF is a non-profit organization created to provide financial support to charitable, educational, cultural and recreation projects to benefit our community.  We are a charity, built by generous donors, that supports our community and we do it in a sustainable way.  Donors to the BRCF work with others who are also passionate about making our community the best it can be. We are stronger when we work together and we have a greater impact too.  All gifts to the foundation are pooled and invested – forever – with just a portion of the interest earned on those investments gifted back into the community by way of scholarships and bursaries to graduating students and by way of grants to community groups and organizations.

Whether or not you are familiar with the foundation, and whether or not your group has applied for a grant previously, you will find attached a couple of documents for your reference.

The first is the BRCF Annual Grant Application. If your group is planning any projects for the upcoming year, you may want to consider applying for financial assistance from the BRCF.  The yearly deadline for submissions is September 30th, for projects that can be completed by August 31st the following year.  Please note that organizations must demonstrate a financial commitment of a minimum of 25% towards the project.  The other document attached is a Stabilization Grant Application. There has been ongoing discussions at various levels of government and within the foundation movement regarding the health and wellbeing of community groups and organizations. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, fundraising activities are challenging and as a result there is a real concern that some small groups or organizations may be facing a significant financial impact.  Your foundation is fully aware of the enormous challenges that local groups and organizations are facing this year due to the pandemic.  Many community events have either been postponed or cancelled out right.  Many community groups have lost most or all of their traditional forms of fundraising. Some groups or organizations may even be struggling to operate or stay afloat until they can restart their fundraising. Some may also be experiencing increased expenses to operate or function. 

Our Foundation realizes these are unprecedented times, and we don’t know how long it may last. The last thing anyone wants to see is a local group or organization struggle financially or fold.  With that in mind, at a recent meeting of the BRCF Board, a decision was made to offer a Stabilization Grant this fall to local organizations/groups that require financial assistance to help with operational expenses during the 20/21 season. The deadline for submissions for this COVID initiative is also September 30th.

Should you have any questions regarding either of these BRCF initiatives, please reach out to us.

BROKENHEAD RIVER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION grant application form- Aug, 2020

Stabilization Grant

Brokenhead River Community Foundation President Reg Black was very pleased to be able to present an Emergency Community Support Fund grant to Megan Baker, the Program Director for the Recreation Commission. The funding of $10,000 was used to assist with the development of activity kits for summer camp participants and children in the community who are in need.


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Exciting news about your Foundation:  Clipping

Granting Procedure Has Changed

Our Foundation has moved to a fall granting timeline for the 2019 granting year.  Applications for grants for the 2019 year will be due by September 30th, 2018.  The Grants Review Committee will study the applications and make recommendations to the board.  The final decision will be made by the board at the October meeting.  Grant recipients will then have until August of 2019 to complete their projects and submit their final reports to the Foundation before the grant money will be issued.

The Brokenhead River Community Foundation is a proud member of Community Foundations of Canada.

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