Stabilization Grant

There has been ongoing discussions at various levels of government and

within the foundation movement regarding the health and wellbeing of

community groups and organizations.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic,

fundraising activities are challenging and as a result there is a real

concern that some small groups or organizations may be facing a significant

financial impact.

Your foundation is fully aware of the enormous challenges that local

groups and organizations are facing this year due to the pandemic. Many

community events have either been postponed or cancelled out right. Many

community groups have lost most or all of their traditional forms of

fundraising. Some groups or organizations may even be struggling to operate

or stay afloat until they can restart their fundraising. Some may also be

experiencing increased expenses to operate or function.

Our Foundation realizes  these are unprecedented times, and we don’t know

how long it may last. The last thing anyone wants to see is a local

group or organization struggle financially or fold. With that in mind, at a

recent meeting of the BRCF Board, a decision was made to offer a

Stabilization Grant this fall to local organizations/groups that require

financial assistance to help with operational expenses during the 20/21

season. The deadline for submissions for this COVID initiative is also

September 30th.

Should you have any questions regarding either of these BRCF initiatives,

please reach out to us.

Stabilization Grant

We have moved to a fall granting time so please take note of the change.

Each winter we will announce in the local paper, The Clipper, and in social media that we are accepting request for support.  Applications will be available from our web site.  This year applications are due September 30th.  After review by our Grants Committee, the board will make a final decision in October and applicants will be contacted with the results.

Our application is available.  – BROKENHEAD RIVER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION grant application form- Aug, 2020

Our Community Grant Final Report is available.  BRCF Community Grant Final Report