Grant Information

We provide grants to enhance the quality of life in all areas of the community.

Grant Submission Process

  • Applications are to be made using the Grant Application Form.
  • Guidance on filling in the application can be found in our Granting Guide.  You can also contact us if you have questions.
  • The grant scoring guideline can be used for reference.
  • All of our Grants are on a fall granting September 30 deadline. All submissions must be postmarked or hand delivered on or before September 30th – no exceptions.


Granting – Purpose and Intent

The Brokenhead River Community Foundation provides grants to enhance the quality of life in all areas of the community. Citizens of Beausejour-Brokenhead benefit from grants made in the following areas:

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Literacy and Education
  • Health, Wellness and Recreation
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Environment and Animal Welfare
  • Additional Grant – Winter Games Legacy Grant
    The Winter Games Legacy Grant will be available to local teams and organization associated with sports involved in the Winter Games held in Beausejour in 2006; Alpine Ski, Badminton, Special Olympic Bowling, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Hockey, Volleyball, Figure Skating and Artistic Gymnastics).  Where these sports do not apply, the grant may go to any sport involved in the current Winter or Summer Manitoba Games program. The intent of the grant is to assist with equipment (excludes uniforms), clinics for athletes and coaches, hosting or attending major sporting events.


To meet the changing needs of our community, guidelines for grant applications are established and reviewed annually. Applications for grants are thoroughly reviewed by a volunteer Grants Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.


Awarding Grants

The Grants Committee will review and evaluate all applications and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval. Applicants must demonstrate how their initiative will benefit the community and how the project will be funded beyond the grant from the Community Foundation.

Post Grant Awarding – Funding Procedures

On successful awarding and prior to receiving funding, the successful applicants must submit a Final Report by the following August 31st, complete with photos of the project and the final project budget with actual expenses and revenues, as well as paid receipts (or photocopies of same).  A small sign will be given to successful applicants to be displayed at their project for no less than a year.


Grant Eligibility Terms

  • Only community organizations that are non-profit may apply.
  • Organizations applying must have access to a registered charity number or a non-profit business number. Please contact the Town of Beausejour or RM of Brokenhead to request permission to use their charity status and number or make alternative arrangements.
  • Grants are not made to individuals or businesses.
  • The availability of other sources of funding/granting/fundraising must be in place; the Foundation will not fund 100% of any particular project.
  • Preference is given to projects which:
    • Serve a need in the community
    • Involve organizations in the community
    • Demonstrate new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems
    • Strengthen the social and cultural structure of the community
    • Emphasize and utilize the skills and resources that exist in the community
    • Have a well-planned approach – have a broad public appeal
    • Working in partnership or collaboration with other community partners
    • Include organization’s demonstration of financial commitment towards the project (minimum 25%)
  • Grants are not ordinarily made for:
    • Research
    • Seminars, conferences or workshops
    • Tours or travel outside of the community
    • Sectarian, religious or political purposes
    • Fund raising activities
    • General endowment or sustaining funds
    • Core operating costs or capital building campaigns
    • To retire debt
    • Capital projects located outside the Beausejour or Brokenhead area