Last Chance for Grants!

Last Chance For Grants! Calling all Beausejourites and Brokenheaders! This is your last chance of 2022 to apply for a grant from the Brokenhead River Community Foundation! If your organization has a project that serves a need, involves other local organizations, demonstrates new approaches and techniques in the solution of community problems, or strengthens theContinue reading “Last Chance for Grants!”

Back to School is Back!

Back to School is Back! It’s hard to believe that September is here. This fall, take advantage of our Education Grants to invest in worthwhile programs within our school system. Head to the our Grants Page to see if your project is eligible.

September Is Just Around the Corner!

Believe it or not, September is closer than you think. And September at the Foundation means one thing: Granting Season. The Brokenhead River Community Foundation distributes Grants in a number of different areas in our community. Be it Arts & Culture, Education, Social Services, Environmental Projects, or Health & Physical Activity, there’s a good chanceContinue reading “September Is Just Around the Corner!”

My “Why” – Jarrett Powers

One of our newest Board Members, Jarrett Powers, shares his reasons for volunteering and donating to the Foundation, and speaks about how his local Foundation helps support recreational and minor sports organizations in the community. “I think it can be said that healthy foundations equal healthy communities.” To learn more, please visit our website at:Continue reading “My “Why” – Jarrett Powers”

Scholarship/Bursary Information

Scholarship and BursaryApplication Information Calling all 2022 Graduates in the Beausejour/Brokenhead area! This post is for you! Thanks to the generous donations of citizens of this community, the BRCF is pleased to be able to award scholarships and bursaries to deserving students in the Beausejour/Brokenhead area. If you are a graduating student, please read throughContinue reading “Scholarship/Bursary Information”

My “Why” – Ron Jackson

My “Why” – Ron Jackson #MyWhyWednesday#ThisIsMyWhy Every Wednesday, we will be sharing videos of our amazing volunteers and donors sharing their “why”. Ron Jackson, Former BRCF Board Member and President shares some history behind the Foundation and it’s beginnings, along with his reasons for wanting to be a part of the community foundation movement. .Continue reading “My “Why” – Ron Jackson”

My “Why” – Shaunda Rossington

My “Why” – Shaunda Rossington #MyWhyWednesday#ThisIsMyWhy Every Wednesday, we will be sharing videos of our amazing volunteers and donors sharing their “why”. Shaunda Rossington, Former BRCF Board Member shares her experience working with various community organizations, and how they benefited from receiving grants from The Brokenhead River Community Foundation. “I look back on all theContinue reading “My “Why” – Shaunda Rossington”

Stabilization Grants

Stabilization Grants The Foundation, for the first time ever, offered Community Groups the opportunity to apply for Stabilization Grants this year. This new grant process is designed to help offset the operating costs due to lost revenues because of Covid-19. Below, Beausejour Curling Club (BCC) President Bruce Schade accepts funding from the Foundation to supportContinue reading “Stabilization Grants”