Robert Rondeau Memorial Scholarship – #MondayFUNDay: Scholarship Edition

Another scholarship fund supporting the graduates of the Beausejour and Brokenhead communities is the Robert Rondeau Curling Memorial Scholarship.

Bob spent most of his life in Beausejour. During this time, he became involved in the sport of curling, which became a lifelong passion. He attended the University of Manitoba, where he received his Bachelor of Education degree in 1977, and became a much-loved teacher, principal, administrator, and coach during his 35-year career. The Robert Rondeau Memorial Curling Scholarship was established to honour his memory.

The Robert Rondeau Curling Memorial Scholarship does not specify a trade or area of study in which a student is enrolled in. It is available to students who have been active curlers in the past two years and are involved with Curl Manitoba. Last year’s recipient received $1,200!

To learn more about this, and other scholarships available, head to Scholarships/Bursaries.

Ken Matchizen Memorial Scholarship – #MondayFUNDay: Scholarship Edition

📣 Calling all ESS Grads! Scholarship season is almost here! ✏️🫣

It’s time for #MondayFUNDay: Scholarship Edition.

As you’re getting ready to head off into the world, the BRCF is here to help make that transition easier, by way of scholarships and grants.

Looking to get into a trade? Electrician, crane operator, pipefitter, HVAC mechanic… the list goes on. We’ve got a scholarship for that.

The Ken Matchizen Memorial Scholarship is a $100 scholarship available to a graduation student in the ESS catchment area going into post secondary education for a qualified trade.

FUN FACT: Hairstylists and estheticians count as a qualified trade! 💇‍♀️

For more info and to find an online application form, head to now!

It’s Race Weekend!

Not sure if you can make it out to the races this weekend? 🏁

The BRCF has a way to support your Canadian Power Toboggan Championships – CPTC if you can’t get to the track… Operation Brighten Beausejour Flow Through Fund!

There’s still time to get your donation in to help the install of permanent, outdoor lighting at the CPTC Complex for more successful night events.

Send a cheque or e-transfer to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation and let us know its for the CPTC Lighting Project, and we’ll send you a charitable tax receipt!

Good luck to all the racers this weekend!

#MondayFUNDay – CPTC Community Fund

Race Weekend is coming up at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships – CPTC, so we thought it’d be the perfect time to introduce the CPTC Community Fund on this #MondayFUNDay!

The CPTC has been a staple in the Beausejour/Brokenhead community since its inception back in 1963. People have decended on our community for generations to take in the “Greatest Show on Snow“.

In 2021, CPTC decided they wanted to give back to the community that had served as home for over five decades, and created the CPTC Community Fund. This fund follows the general eligibility requirements for the BRCF, meaning it will be available to fund a variety of different projects and organizations throughout our communities!

If you are looking for something to do March 4 and 5, make sure to head on down and check out the great show our friends at CPTC put on!

BRCF Celebrates 25 Anniversary

Brokenhead River Community Foundation celebrates two important achievements.

In the mid 90’s, under the leadership of Gerald Hawranik, a group of interested and committed community volunteers came together to investigate the possibility of establishing a Community Foundation to serve the residents of the Beausejour/Brokenhead community. Those same individuals ultimately then served as the first Board of Directors for the Brokenhead River Community Foundation when it became an incorporated entity on February 16, 1998. Those founding Board members were:

Gerald Hawranik               Linda Pleskach                  Vicky Witzke                      Wilf Hastman

Bruce Schade                    Fred Kazina                        Art Berry                            Gerry Denisiuk

Since then, over 70 people have served on the Board as a Director or Administrative Person to assist in the growth and development of the organization. Their commitment and dedication to the success of the Foundation has and will continue to have an everlasting benefit to our community.

Today, February 16, 2023 the Foundation celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

“The current Board, and more importantly our community, is the benefactor of the vision of those community individuals who originally created the Foundation”, stated current Foundation President Reg Black. “The Foundation is also very grateful to all those in the community who served with the Foundation since 98”, he added.

In preparing to celebrate its 25th year, the Foundation launched a campaign last fall – Drive to a Million. The goal was to have $1,000,000 in gifted funds to the Foundation by its 25th Anniversary. “The campaign had been discussed by the Board for some time, but Covid delayed its launch”’ offered Danielle Gerylo, the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for the Foundation. “When the campaign was launched the Foundation had about $45,000 to raise in a few months. I am pleased to report that in early January 2023, the Foundation surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in donated/gifted dollars to the Foundation!”

All funds raised by donations or gifts to the Foundation are never spent. The funds are placed in various Endowment Funds as per the donors request and are invested for perpetuity.  A portion of the interest earned annually is given back to the community in the form of scholarships/bursaries to graduating students from EESS and grants to community groups/organizations. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided 136 scholarships and bursaries of $92,274.71 and 213 community grants of $399,635 for a total of $491,909.71 given back to our community over the last 25 years!

“That is one of the most gratifying things about donating to the Foundation is that your gift is an eternal gift that continues to help or support the community every year – forever”. Black said. However, he noted that the applications for scholarships/bursaries and community grants usually exceed the dollars available that the Foundation has to give back. “The Foundation needs to continue to grow because the needs of our community continue to grow so gifts are welcome at any time.”

“ A lot of people do not realize that there are various ways to give to a foundation”. Gerylo explained. Besides a gift of cash, cheque, credit card or etransfer, the Foundation also accepts gifts of stocks or bonds where a donor can avoid capital gains. Gifts from a Will or an estate can benefit the community while also reducing the taxes for your beneficiaries. “The Foundation welcomes the opportunity to discuss donor options at any time with those interested in supporting the community”, she added.

Watch for the Foundation to be more engaged in the Community and reaching more milestones as it follows its new tag line – “Growing our Community. Together. Forever!”

Additional information about scholarships/bursaries, community grants or donating is available on the Foundations website at  You can also follow the Foundation on various social media channels or by contacting Danielle at 431-343-2723.

Beausejour Legion “Kool the Kooler” Flow Through Fund

Our very own Beausejour Legion needs our help!

They’re looking to raise $20,000 to help update, renovate, and improve their kitchen and walk in cooler. DID YOU KNOW? That cooler was installed in the 80’s?! Not the most energy efficient, but we’re hoping we can help the Legion change that!

Donate today by sending a cheque or e-transfer to the Brokenhead River Community Foundation, making sure to include that it’s for the Kool the Kooler Fund, and receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution!

For e-transfers, make sure to include your mailing address in the message box of the transaction to receive your charitable tax receipt.

Head to to find out more!

Cherrey Family Trust Fund – #MondayFUNDay

This week’s #MondayFUNDay is a newly established legacy called the Cherrey Family Trust Fund.

The Cherrey Family Trust Fund was established by the Cherrey Family in 2021. Jean and Laverne Cherrey moved with their family to the Town of Beausejour in July 1967 with their seven children, Norman, Kenneth, Donald, Eleanor, Shirley, Allan, and Arlene. Although Jean and Laverne have both passed away, they have left behind seven children, 10 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. Jean and Laverne were very active community members in various organizations and have instilled that same sense of volunteer involvement within their children. It has been 55 years since the family moved to Beausejour and we felt it was a fitting time to start up a legacy trust fund.

To learn more about this and other existing funds, head to for more info!

Community Services Recovery Fund

“The Community Services Recovery Fund is a $400 million investment from the Government of Canada to support charities and non-profits as they focus on how to adapt their organizations for pandemic recovery. Now more than ever, charities and non-profits are playing a key role in addressing persistent and complex social problems faced by all communities. The Community Services Recovery Fund responds to what charities and non-profits need right now and supports organizations as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic.”

Applications are now open for the Community Services Recovery Fund. All applications must be submitted by February 21, 2023, at 5:00 PM PT.  Click here to learn more and apply online.

#MondayFunday – The Michael Hamende Memorial Minor Hockey Fund

It’s #MondayFUNDay!

The Michael Hamende Memorial Minor Hockey Fund was created in 2020 by Michael’s family as a way to give back to the community in a way that was very important to Michael – through hockey.

This fund allows the Beausejour Brokenhead Minor Hockey Association (BBMHA) the chance to help early years players start off the best they can. Whether it’s running BBMHA sponsored clinics or purchasing new equipment, Michael’s family memorial fund is committed to supporting minor hockey in Beausejour – forever!

To learn more about the Michael Hamende Memorial Minor Hockey Fund head to

Flow Through Funds and How it Benefits the Community

Let’s talk about Flow Through Funds!

Flow Through Funds are a great tool for different groups in our community to partner with the BRCF for fundraisers.

Usually, these groups will be fundraising for specific capital projects that could require tens of thousands of dollars to complete.

Partnering with the Foundation benefits two-fold. First, the organization gains additional exposure from our donor base as well as our online presence. The admin team at the BRCF handles all the back end work, and cuts that organization a cheque at the end of the fundraising period.

Second, those who wish to donate to this project benefit by receiving a charitable tax receipt from the Foundation for their contribution. Win-win, right?

Want to learn more about how your Community Foundation works? Head to now!