What is a Community Foundation?

What is a Community Foundation? The Brokenhead River Community Foundation was created right here in Beausejour/Brokenhead, for Beausejour/Brokenhead. The goal of the Foundation is to invest in the quality of life in our community through grants, bursaries and scholarships. It’s the most sustainable type of non-profit organization, as it will continue to aid our communityContinue reading “What is a Community Foundation?”

September Is Just Around the Corner!

Believe it or not, September is closer than you think. And September at the Foundation means one thing: Granting Season. The Brokenhead River Community Foundation distributes Grants in a number of different areas in our community. Be it Arts & Culture, Education, Social Services, Environmental Projects, or Health & Physical Activity, there’s a good chanceContinue reading “September Is Just Around the Corner!”

Healthy Foundations Equal Healthy Communities

The Foundation model is simple and effective. All donations are pooled and invested. The principle is never touched, allowing the Foundation’s funds to continue to grow in perpetuity. Every year, a portion of the interest earned goes back into the community in the form of grants to local organizations, and scholarships and bursaries to graduatingContinue reading “Healthy Foundations Equal Healthy Communities”

My “Why” – Jarrett Powers

One of our newest Board Members, Jarrett Powers, shares his reasons for volunteering and donating to the Foundation, and speaks about how his local Foundation helps support recreational and minor sports organizations in the community. “I think it can be said that healthy foundations equal healthy communities.” To learn more, please visit our website at:Continue reading “My “Why” – Jarrett Powers”