About BRCF

Vision Statement – “The Brokenhead River Community Foundation is a non-profit organization created to provide financial support to charitable, educational, cultural, and recreational projects which are beneficial to the community.”


The Brokenhead River Community Foundation is a collection of funds and resources given by caring citizens who have chosen to make their community a better place to live and work, now and in the future.

Our Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and helping people of all backgrounds and means, creating lasting legacies to benefit the community of Brokenhead.

The Brokenhead River Community Foundation is permanent yet flexible as it can adapt to the changing needs within our community.

Community foundations are very special non-profit organizations. Since they do not have a specific charitable purpose, they provide local donors the opportunity to engage in philanthropy in a variety of ways. They provide the means for establishing endowment funds. They provide a way to achieve excellent investment yields through pooling of funds. They provide benefits to the many communities they serve.

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