Ken Matchizen Memorial Scholarship – #MondayFUNDay: Scholarship Edition

📣 Calling all ESS Grads! Scholarship season is almost here! ✏️🫣

It’s time for #MondayFUNDay: Scholarship Edition.

As you’re getting ready to head off into the world, the BRCF is here to help make that transition easier, by way of scholarships and grants.

Looking to get into a trade? Electrician, crane operator, pipefitter, HVAC mechanic… the list goes on. We’ve got a scholarship for that.

The Ken Matchizen Memorial Scholarship is a $100 scholarship available to a graduation student in the ESS catchment area going into post secondary education for a qualified trade.

FUN FACT: Hairstylists and estheticians count as a qualified trade! 💇‍♀️

For more info and to find an online application form, head to now!

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