Stabilization Grants

Stabilization Grants

The Foundation, for the first time ever, offered Community Groups the opportunity to apply for Stabilization Grants this year. This new grant process is designed to help offset the operating costs due to lost revenues because of Covid-19. Below, Beausejour Curling Club (BCC) President Bruce Schade accepts funding from the Foundation to support the BCC.

Reg Black, President of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation, and Bruce Schade, President of the Beausejour Curling Club.

Foundation President Reg Black with The Breach Director Vanessa Kehler.  The Foundation was able to provide The Breach with funding from the Emergency Community Support Fund through the Community Foundations of Canada to support operational expenses at this community facility.

Ashely Seymour, ACL Director of Operations, accepts funding from Reg Black, President of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation.

The Emergency Community Support Fund was an initiative of the Federal Government to provide support to Communities affected by Covid-19.  Spearheaded by the Community Foundations of Canada, your Foundation was able to access funding on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this program. The Association for Community Living (ACL) was awarded support in both Phases to go towards the purchase of a laptop for residents to communicate with family and towards the purchase of a van to assist in client needs.

Len Kowalke from the Brokenhead River Community Hall accepts funding from the Foundation.  The Hall was provided a Stabilization Grant to help offset ongoing expenses of the Hall.  Due to Covid-19 the Hall has no current revenues because they remain closed.  The Foundation was able to provide some relief from its annual fall granting.