Employment Opportunity

Employment Opportunity

Communications and Marketing Associate Position

Under the direction of the Brokenhead River Community Foundation (BRCF) the Communication and Marketing Associate shall be responsible for the promotion of all communication and marketing related material related to the BRCF. The Communication and Marketing Associate will take the lead on communications, marketing and administrative related items and will work to maintain good working partnerships with various organizations within the Town of Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead area.

The Community and Marketing Associate is an ambassador for the BRCF to the community.  They must be an effective communicator of printed and spoken word with the ability to leverage the internet and social media platforms for the purposes of creating and maintaining content that engages and informs the community at large.  The use of these digital tools will be an integral part of growing the BRCF strategic direction and establishing the BRCF as a foundational organization of assistance and influence within the Beausejour and RM of Brokenhead community. 

Grow the BRCF presence and influence through traditional communication platforms as well as through internet-based tools and social media platforms. Create, edit and distribute engaging and timely content for continuous promotion, run marketing campaigns and other growth initiatives through printed media, website or social media platforms. Maintain a WordPress website and upload content. Assist with fund development in idea generation, creation and fulfillment. Assist with strategic projects with direct guidance from the BRCF Board of Directors. Supporting the BRCF with reports and analysis and other administrative tasks. Establish and maintain an ongoing liaison with a variety of internal and external community groups and organizations, including the creation of mutually appropriate partnerships when warranted.  Serve as a central point of contact for information and resource materials for the BRCF. Assist local community groups and individuals for identifying possible funding opportunities, grants and other resources and to assist with the application process where necessary. 

Requirements & Personal Suitability
Exceptional verbal and written communication skills. The ability to maintain confidentiality and to use tact and discretion when dealing with the public. Tech-savvy with well-honed marketing abilities to create engaging and informative material. Above average computer skills and knowledge of MS Office productivity software Excel, Power Point and Outlook. Knowledge of internet based productivity tools such as MS TEAMS, Google G-Suite or others. Knowledge of virtual meeting software (Zoom, MS TEAMS, etc). Experience with website maintenance and/or development.
Use and knowledge of creating digital multi-media video and audio content. Knowledge and proficiency of content creation on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others.  Well versed in use and trends of communication and marketing in such things as:
Traditional forms of media (ie. newspaper & radio) Internet and social media platforms Publishing and maintaining public facing content for on point messaging and organizational branding Delivering current and appropriate content for existing and potential new donors or benefactors of the BRCF.
Able to research, analyze and summarize. Organized, independent self-starter that can manage projects or tasks with minimal supervision.  A general understanding of broader societal causes and an awareness of the needs and causes within the communities of the RM of Brokenhead & Beausejour.

Education, Knowledge and Experience 
Minimum of Grade 12 High School diploma. Degree, diploma or certificate in communications, journalism, marketing, information technology, information management, business administration, management or related field is an asset. Knowledge of the principles, practices and objectives of community based charitable foundations for community development and growth. Experience working on committees, coordinating special events or community initiatives. Ability to maintain effective working relationship with variety of community groups, organizations or government agencies.
Ability to prepare and maintain records, reports or correspondence.

Working Conditions 
This position is a contract position.  This position is a term position reviewed and renewed annually. This position will work a 35-hour work week.
The position will require some occasional evening and weekend work with flexible hours available. This position will work from home, with office or meeting space available as needed, and will be provided a laptop and smart phone device by the BRCF. Participation in evening board of directors meeting (8-10 a year), either virtually or in-person, is required. Salary related to experience.

Deadline for applications is November 12, 2021.

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